Bumper Repair in Whitby

Bumper accidents, scrapes, and dents are all bound to happen. Although bumper repair is usually a quick and easy fix, it is important to address any damage as soon as it occurs.

At Ritson Collision Centre, we have been specializing in car bumper repair for years. We have the proper tools and experience to restore your bumper for a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement. We are proud to be trusted by the community of Whitby.

If you have experienced bumper damage, don’t put your safety at risk by waiting to get it repaired. Book an assessment with our friendly and accommodating team by calling us at (905) 433-1158.


Auto Bumper Repair Assessment and Diagnosis

The bumpers on our cars work to protect us in the case of a collision and are the first points of contact when backing into a post or scraping a median.

Before we can get started putting together a repair plan, we must first get a proper understanding of the damage that has occurred, and the tools and techniques needed for the job. Different damages require different degrees of care, but most can be repaired seamlessly, in just one day.

During the assessment process, we will survey your vehicle and account for the severity of the damage. We will then be able to come up with a detailed estimate for the cost of the repair, including paint and materials.

Quick and Easy Auto Bumper Repair

No matter the extent of the damage, our talented and experienced technicians will be able to find a cost-effective solution. We specialize in the following bumper damages:

  • Dents
  • Cracks
  • Scuffs
  • Paint scratches
  • And more

When it comes to repairing your bumper, trust our team to restore its appearance while preserving your vehicle’s performance and value.

Plastic Bumper Repair: Our Services

While small scratches and scuffs can be sanded out and painted over, more serious damage such as denting and cracks in your bumper, require a bit of extra care.


Most modern vehicles feature a plastic bumper that covers the steel frame beneath. The plastic bumper works to protect the vehicle and alleviate the need for major repairs. This means dents in plastic tend to be quite easy to pop out.

Some dents, however, will need to be grinded, sanded, and sculpted back into place. We will then prime the area and paint it for a seamless finish.


When repairing a cracked bumper, we will always begin by cleaning and sanding down the paint before fusing the crack back together. We will prime and paint your bumper with a coat that is flawlessly uniform with your vehicle’s original color.

The Best Auto Bumper Repair in Town

Whether you are looking for bumper scratch repair, bumper scuff repair, or a solution for larger cracks and dents, we have you covered. With many years of experience working in the industry, we have become one of the most trusted auto shops in Whitby.

If you are experiencing bumper damage, don’t wait around. Give us a call to book an appointment.